Jumping Jack Game Instructions

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Staying in shape is already a challenge, but in the bitter cold of winter, summoning up the motivation to workout can get even harder. After explaining the rules, allow the group time to strategize. These songs will definitely freshen up your workout playlist. The team whose end person grabs the ball first gets a point. Have a designated area for each exercise. Eating the alphabet by lois ehlert. Keep this information for future reference.

The last player holding the ball takes a free throw.

Allow students to alter the direction of the ball, have more than one ball going at the same ime, or alter the number of spins. Lions, Tigers and Bears with roars, growls and snuffles. Ask the students to describe the rules of the game back to you. The game ends when all twelve carrots are taken from the hill. Peppers, tomatoes, peas, etc.

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Set Up: A very large square or rectangle Before You Start: Demonstrate safe tagging: Light touch, like butterfly wings on the shoulder Unsafe tags: hard contact that might cause the person being tagged to fall Divide the students into two teams.

Students should mirror the action and touch their nose. Ask students to explain the boundaries and how to hit the ball.

Half Jacks- like a jumping jack but only raise your arms half way up 5 Crunches-.

None of the students can let go of their hands and the person at the end must keep hand on the wall or pole.


Create a positive environment and have your child associate board games with having a good time. Fresh Peaches Give Summertime Salsa a New Sweet and Spicy Twist! Looks like you already have an account!


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Developmental Goal: To practice listening to directions, concentration, and social comfort within group. Encourage passing the ball.

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Balance and body awareness Equipment Needed: None Before You Start: Divide group into partners. Stand upright with your legs together, arms at your sides.

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Students know what team they are on and what their task is. Complete the course, turn, and repeat.

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Other students may pick up bean bags and hand them to the frozen students to help them return to the game.

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Enter your delivery Zip Code to check availability in your area. Lay out the playing field as in the diagram.

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Players must catch, pass, and throw the ball back over the net in three or less tries.

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Depending on the age and ability of your group you can add more or less animals to make groups larger or smaller.

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Tick Tock Boom sound like a fun family game.

The goose then becomes the next fox and another round begins.

Please keep children from leaning over top of Jack to avoid being struck when he jumps into the air. Calories burned from exercise.

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Set up the game: Begin by throwing your jacks onto the ground in front of To see for yourself, try these with your kids.

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You must first dig up a metal detector by kicking your feet around or swiping at the ground with your arms.

Try these four tips to get the most out of your produce. They can just quickly do the task and get back in the game.

Set up one zone on opposite sides of the field, this zone will be where players who get tagged can wait. JJS must then move onto the tile containing the record. Set Upbasketball court sized space.

If they notice something different about any of the four, they raise their hand to guess what is different about someone up front. Exaggerate and make funny movements to fun to the game. Pair students up so they can coach each other on their form.

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Great way to incorporate the food pyramid, history, geography, or any other academic subject into play. Students sit in a circle and pass a ball in one direction. How to Play: Seven students are tags.