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Make sure all students have completed both worksheets thoroughly accurately. Would they use the same tag line with friends? If necessary, there are agencies to help you like OSHA or the federal or state labor law enforcement agency. They will then compare each job to decide which is the best one. Highlight things that you would like to change, add, or omit. Does math quickly and correctly. Would you hire this person? Includes printable flashcards, game cards, board games, and additional games and activities. Engage your students with these Special Needs Employment Skills Printable Activities. There are several websites that feature the assessment for the three different learning styles covered in this lesson.

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Walk amongst the groups and listen to responses throughout the interview session. Thank you for registering for an NGPF Teacher Account! Identify people who would be affected by your decision. These worksheets are more interactive than some of the others. Do you want to get married?

Can also become more specialized in areas of treatment, but needs more training. This tool is a guide and may not be accurate. As new workers, adolescents are likely to be inexperienced and unfamiliar with many of the tasks required of them. Some school districts may have more restrictive regulations. Pass out the Where Do I Want to Be In Five Years worksheet. To close this Web Part, click OK. You want to start a business. Directions: For each aptitude, circle the number indicating your perception of your ability. They are to deconstruct this ad into specific information as requested in the Deconstructing a Job Advertisement worksheet.

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After receiving the results, students should gather the necessary information concerning their traits.

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It is important that the teacher peruse this Website and be aware of how to navigate efficiently before starting this lesson.


Students learn and practice assertive techniques, and learn to recognize aggression, submission, and assertiveness.


The thing I always have students do first in Navigator is the career assessments that measure interests, skills confidence, and work values.

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Examines the alternative energy sources that may light our homes or power our cars in the future, and also looks at the future of conventional fuels.


Discuss the federal and select which describe themselves either film canister seltzer rockets to view for middle school to participate in mind their partner.


Each guidance lesson includes time for students to review and update their portfolios.

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The amount of money they spend throughout the game is tracked so that they can see, and make any adjustments as needed.


Give teams a couple of minutes to sort out their card pieces and figure out which pieces they have and which pieces are missing.

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Some students may choose to use a graphic organizer before formalizing the goals. This job is with a local manufacturing company. Then, using the newspaper, search the classified section for jobs that might be appropriate for this age group. You two need to shut up because some people are trying to work. What percent of Americans do not receive a steady paycheck? ADBLOCKERS ARE HURTING US! Share learning with others. Tasks that were previously performed by doctors, nurses, dentists, or other health care professionals are increasingly being performed by physician assistants, medical assistants, dental hygienists, and physical therapist aides. They do this because they believe ending the conflict is more important than winning. The only true gift is a portion of thyself.

They may not have intended to ask the question in a way that made you uncomfortable. In addition, we also have included informative articles, helpful tips, and advice to help with career planning. Take kinesiology and other science classes in high school. Plan a Career Day for your school.

English grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, be able to maintain confidentiality. This activity is super easy yet educational and works well in the classroom for a larger group of students. How did this exercise help you?

The more volunteers, the easier the conference.

Students discuss the number and type of accounts they have and how much time they spend online.

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If the backup plan gives you perspective when trying to get the best deal possible. Have students access the following website: www. As they used as rotc, what are going to work and worksheets for? Use the MNSCU Careerwise website to learn about references. Think are used to complete and process of their first resume or job for laughing and occuptions.

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To make sure everyone will notice it, you wear a littleextra to work the next day. Pass out the Analyzing My Weaknesses worksheet. Pronouns: SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, EVERYBODY, NO ONE, NOTHING, etc. An introduction to using Microsoft Word office software. What are your favorite TV shows? Take photos and have fun! Why would a mentoring program be useful?
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Moves eyes, hands, and fingers together to do a job quickly and accurately. Which Career Exploration Resource is Right for You? Your coworkers were talking about how much they enjoy music. Each person in the group will respond orally to the scenario. Why do you think a person might be more comfortable expressing themselves either verbally or in writing? Why did you choose this career? Learn what animal trainers do, where they work, and how a person can become an animal trainer.

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Identify effective speaking and listening skills to use in a job interview. The reason behind this rule is that they may need a career option if their original plan does not materialize. List your monthly income below.

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Write two sentences describing yourself and the kind of job that interests you. Exposure to methylene chloride in the paint stripper. Lead the students in a discussion of the Daily Schedule worksheet and how it might compare to one of their days. The students should be able to add more to the following list. In fact, teens are injured at a higher rate than adult workers. Why are you in a wheelchair? Defend the value of The assessment for this lesson will be the score of the worksheet. English, mathematics, reading, and science.

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Allow time forstudents to share different ideas for each scenario.

By reading and responding to the series of questions on the worksheet, each student should be able to determine the one or two career or occupational clusters that match their interests.

What could you have done to be more organized in that situation?

Button down shirts, pants, blouses, sport coats and skirts are appropriate. Students think about their future career by identifying their personal likes, dislikes, needs, and motivations. College Reps if necessary.

Research what financial aid is and if it applies to you using the following Website. You will have to do some online research to find out your college cost and the program you are interested in. Choose your references with care.

An Emergency Action Plan should be in writing. Show your children how to address the envelope; let them put the return address labels and stamps on the envelope.

If a listed family member is deceased or not in the picture ask a living family member if they know what that person did for a career, or find someone else who may fill that designated role in your life.

Personal Interest Inventories: Students should complete the interest inventories as a final component prior to graduation to determine future planning.

Relate to help students an invited guest from instructor should derive their strengths and education, and worksheets for middle school.