Mobile Application Design Document Template

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Device Configuration If the application is being deployed on new handheld devices, there is a good chance that some configuration will be required. Depending on the scope of your game development project, your design document may end up being very brief or fairly long and complex. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

  • Use the following templates to create a navigation document.
  • Thus, technical specifications are a must for a business that wants to create a mobile app and continue potential, regular growth.
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Contingencies The basics of a good architecture is to layer the application into multiple autocratic and autonomous applications that can be replaced individually and allow us to keep the application running while we are working on a specific layer.

  • Best practice tells us that generating documentation will save you time, money and possibly work relationships.
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Regional Coordination API Middleware ARC requires a design with specific functionality to model internal business processes, workflows, partner needs, and integration requirements.

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Constraints are the limitations that teams must work within, typically related to scope, budget, and time.

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This allows stakeholders to provide feedback much sooner in the process.

The brief can be turned into a detailed product requirements document as soon as the contract is signed.

Instead of creating the app for multiple platforms simultaneously, the better approach is to create the app for one platform first.

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Clearly describe your mobile app development process and services in a way that can be easily understood by prospective customers.

Provide your recipients a straightforward and transparent list of project costs.

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Handheld Application The handheld application is comprised of more than fifteen screens.

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Having a complete view of the planned functionality, we can do a tentative project schedule with the features added in logical sequence.

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