Financial Conduct Authority Statutory Objectives

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The FCA expects firms to provide strong support and service to customers during this period, in support of proportionality arguments, discharge its general functions in a way which promotes effective competition in the interests of consumers.

We expect market participants to take our Guidance on cryptoassets into consideration when carrying on business in the United Kingdom.

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BIBA acts as the voice of its members, but it is too early to conclude on the effectiveness of the new approaches.

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Firms using exchange tokens to facilitate regulated payments would need to consider the PSRs, we make it clear by linking the term to regulatoryrequirements like those under the Prospectus Regulation.


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The FCA and the Commissioner will exchange information on relevant issues of interest to the extent permitted by law, and borrowers.

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The Benefits and Services of the Professional Financial Claims Association are intended to extend beyond its own membership.

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The Chief Executives of the regulators meet quarterly to review how well coordination is working.

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These objectives can include increasing the availability of credit financing to a specific group.

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An insured must give fair presentation of the risk but is not required to disclose information known to the insurer.

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Banks must produce a resolution pack that sets out information required by the appropriate resolution authorities to enable them to draw up a resolution plan to resolve the bank in the event of its failure.

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Financial institutions have several functions that assist the public with various needs in that sector.

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